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Greenlinc Renewables are set to become one of the first accredited installers for the Government Clean Heat Grant in Lincoln, Lincolnshire.

UPDATE the clean heat grant has now been called the “Boiler Upgrade Scheme” under the governments new heat and building strategy.


With the recent demise of the Green Home Grant the government have been looking at a new grant scheme for green energy and clean heating.

In 2022 a new scheme is set to be rolled out called the Clean Heat Grant.

How will the Clean heat grant work? 

The new Clean Heat Grant is set to replace the RHI scheme, however opposed to reimbursing property and homeowners the cost of installing a renewable heating system over time, the government will provide up to £4,000 up front towards the cost.

It is believed that the government will commit funding for the Grant for 2 years up to March 2024.

Early proposals have suggested that from April 2022 property owners will be able to apply for the grant to help cover the costs of the installation (up to £4,000)

It is also expected that the Clean Heat Grants will be given as vouchers, that being said, the government has not committed to anything yet.

We don’t know much about the renewable energy scheme yet, but we do know the Government want to ensure this scheme isn’t a failure and everyone who is entitled to the Grant claims. 

Greenlinc were one of the first to be accredited and approved by the Government to carry out the installations and plans are now in motion to ensure that we serve you again with the new grant scheme.

To register your interest in the clean heat grant in Lincoln & Lincolnshire and to be sure you are one of the first to hear more then please send us a message through the contact form with the subject “Clean Heat Grant” 

Greenlinc renewables are professional experienced installers of renewable energy equipment such as air source heat pumps, ground source heat pumps and Solar PV. We have a 100% positive feedback rating with all of our clients and we pride ourselves in delivering a service that is 5 star.

Clean Heat Grant Installers Near Me Lincoln, LIncolnshire

Clean Heat Grants FAQ's

So far all we know is homeowners and business property owners.

The scheme is set to run until April 2024. We will update you as we know more.

Heat pump installations including air source heat pumps, water source heat pumps and ground source heat pumps. It will also include the installation of Biomass systems.

  • Process heating
  • Biogas combustion
  • Solar thermal
  • Hybrid heat pump systems
  • Heat networks.

Although not officialy confirmed, it is set to be £4000 towards the cost of your renewable heating system.

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