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Ground Source Heat Pumps Lincoln

Ground Source Heat Pumps

Using energy from the ground

Ground source heat pumps extract heat from the ground which is then transported to the house where it is used for space or water heating. Both ground source and air source heat pumps are suitable for domestic properties.

This process works all year-round no matter what the weather is like, this is due to a constant ground temperature of roughly  8-12C. So this means  at temperatures below 0°C, from one part electricity, they can still generate up to 5 units of heat. This means they are up to 500% more efficient than a standard heating systems.

Enjoy The Benefits
  • Receive up to £4,500 per year for 7 years tax free with the Governments RHI Scheme
  • Reduced bills especially if you are on oil, coal, LPG
  • No fuel deliveries needed
  • huge reduction in carbon emissions
  • Quarterly payments
  • No boilers or tanks  on the outside of the property
How It Works

A Ground Source Heat Pump transfers heat from the ground into buildings.


Radiation from the sun heats the earth. The earth then stores the heat and maintains, just two metres or so down, a temperature of around 10°C even throughout the winter. A ground source heat pump uses a ground heat exchange loop to tap into this constantly replenished heat store to heat buildings and provide hot water. The technology used is the same as that used in refrigerators. Just as a fridge extracts heat from the food and transfers it into the kitchen, so a ground source heat pump extracts heat from the earth and transfers it into a building.


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