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Solar PV Battery Storage Lincoln & Lincolnshire



Cost effective systems for new builds and existing homes.

If you’re looking for a specialist in solar panels (Solar Panel Installation) and solar battery storage in Lincoln and Lincolnshire then here at Greenlinc renewables we are one of only a few accredited installers. 

Solar battery storage can be a fantastic long term investment, simply put the battery will store the unused energy that your solar panels produce and allow you to use it during the night. 

And it’s good to know that when you add a battery to your solar PV system that any of your existing existing feed-in-tariff or payments will be left unaffected. 


Our Solar Battery Storage systems in Lincoln & Lincolnshire will increase your self consumption by as much as 85%


By using Greenlinc Renewables to install your Solar PV Battery Storage you can rest assured knowing that your installation is carried out by qualified, accredited and insured professionals ensuring you get a fully optimised and guaranteed system.

To find out more about Solar PV Storage or to book in for a free survey and quotation click HERE or call us on 01522425634

Benefits of Solar PV Battery Storage
  • Save on your electricity costs when you back up your home solar system with a storage battery you can avoid the fees associated with electricity suppliers, and save the electricity you generate. 
  • Reduce your properties carbon footprint.
  • No noise pollution, unlike generators, Solar PV Systems and Storage do not create noise.
  • Energy security, if you live in an area where the power grid isn’t very stable your battery storage can power your system for hours so you don’t have to be without power.
  • Sell your stored energy back to the grid and energy providers.

As with all of the products we supply and install our Solar Battery Storage systems also include a full warranty from the manufacturer and a guarantee from us.

Yes most certainly having a solar PV system and battery storage will drastically reduce your carbon footprint.

To begin with we would need to check that a battery is the best solution for you. To answer this question we would first need to take a look at your solar PV system to ensure you are producing enough energy to power your home and to store.

Depending on the site that the solar PV system is installed at and numerous other factors taken into consideration a typical installation takes between 2 and 5 hours.

When determining the life span of a battery we use what is known as cycles, some batteries can last up to 27 years with 10,000 cycles.

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