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Underfloor Heating Installers Lincoln, Lincolnshire



Cost effective systems for new builds and existing homes.

If you’re looking for underfloor heating specialists in Lincoln and Lincolnshire then GreenLinc Renewables should be your first choice. Our plumbing technicians specialise in the design, supply and installation of quality underfloor heating systems.

The systems that we install can be  used alongside any renewable heating system such as an air source heat pump, ground source heat pump or boiler. 

There are 3 types of installation these are solid floor which is embedded into the floor, suspended which is placed between the joists, or floating which lies upon your existing floor. Each can be used with either an electric underfloor heating system or a hydronic underfloor heating system.

We specialise in both types of systems and upon the initial consultation we will guide you to choose the right system for your property and budget.

Hydronic underfloor heating systems circulate a mixture of water and anti-freeze from the boiler to the floor whereas a electric systems use a flexible heating element to warm the floor.

GreenLinc Renewables are specialist plumbers and renewable energy specialists with an impeccable reputation and 100% positive feedback with out clients.

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Benefits of Underfloor Heating
  • Underfloor heating systems can be more cost effective than radiators with temperatures running approximately 10 degrees lower.
  • Very low maintenance and long lasting.
  • Free up valuable wall space and reduce noise usually produced by radiators.
  • Even temperature distribution throughout the home, heating from the floor to the ceiling opposed to standard radiators heating from the ceiling down.
  • Can be installed using renewable energy systems such as a ground source heat pump.
  • Works fantastic with a solar PV system.
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